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By: Root salim | May 17, 2017

Every pet lover who have dog should know how to take care of dogs. It is in both of his health and his identification. You have to keep on your eyes where it goes out of house and which companions with it mix. In this way you will be able to take proper take care of your dog and if don’t know then follow these steps : 

1. Identify your dog : you just never forget to tie a ID tag with the neck of your dog. Thus if it is ever lost can be found easily by its ID. In the ID tag there will be written your name, home address and most important things are your telephone number. So it will be very easy for your take care of your dog and it will remain safe.

2. Microchip Identification:  The modern technology microchip is a blessing for your affectionate dog. If you have lost your dog you may become very emotional. So before happen it you can set a microchip on your dog. The chip will help you to find it out once it is lost anywhere or be stolen. In your microchip there will be your phone number, name and home address. When any veteran and pet shelter will find your dog they will be able to return your dog to you scanning the microchip ID.
3.  Following Local Laws & Vaccinating: If you want to no set microchip ID or normal ID to identify your dog you need the permission and legality of the “local laws” for licensing your dogs and vaccinating. For the legal requirements and to know where it would suitable for your to get tags you need to follow local laws of licensing. Besides the pet should be vaccinated but may not know where in this case you can freely ask about it.  

4. Keep the dog on leash : You cannot be sure of your dogs safety just with a license, rabies tag and ID tag. Because when your dog will roam outside of your home or in the yard then it might cause some problems for others. So it is wise to keep your dog under the control of you leashing him all the time.
5. Give your dog companionship: Your lovely dog will need companion for its safety and time passing. You can become closer to It and make it as your family member letting your family children to play with it. So it will never feel the lack of any companion and when it is going out of house to pass a very long time you should not allow It to do that.

6. Veterinarian’s regular check-up for your Dog : Your dog may become sick or lose its activeness in this condition you must consult your dog to a veteran. For its extra health care you need to take it to veteran after every two or three weeks later. The medicine and prescription veteran offers should maintain properly to keep your dog healthy.  

7. Spay or neuter your dog : In order to reduce the problem of over-populating you need to spay or neuter your lovely dog. It will develop your dog’s health and behavior problems of biting and running. If you are not able to buy it you the pet care have a “low-cost” option also.

8. Diet control and fresh water : Try to give your dog the diet control type food always and make a routine of its healthy food. You just need to know how to make hygiene mixed food treats to make it the food attractive. Always try to serve fresh water and it should be given after every five to ten minutes later to take the best care of your dogs health. 

9. Enroll your dog in a training class : Now you will be able to control your dogs behavior and teach it how to stay with its companion. Your dog is like a family member of your house and you might not be wanted to have its problems of biting or running randomly. So immediately send your dog to the classes of training.  

Finally, your dog will get the best health condition and care if you can properly be a sensitive owner. You need to love it like other pet lovers. So you can properly take its care of health and behavior so you have to follow the eight steps to keep your dog healthy and smart looking.

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