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By: Root salim | January 24, 2017

Drawing websites stand for drawing lessons that should be followed by an artist who want to learn drawing. Moreover, a young learner or a kid can have initial drawing lessons from these tutorial drawing websites. Drawing is the world’s most practiced art form for its cool sensation. Drawing is a common art that can be performed by all sections of people as it needs only a paper and pencil and your artistic mind. To figure out a picture we have to think over it and then we can make the sense true in a white paper with drawing tools like paper, pencil, color pencil, and eraser. As a drawing tool, your computer could also be a super tool as it is highly used by today’s smart artists. Every artist starts as beginner by following drawing websites. A drawing website updates almost every day with it drawing lessons. All types of drawing senses will be discussed in a drawing website. Drawing websites are not only a helping friend for beginner but also a helping hand for the professional artists.

Why we follow drawing websites

To learn drawing tutorials along with expert artists directions

To have the drawing ideas that we can implement in our drawing canvas

Following drawing websites we gather knowledge about drawing hugely than other medias

It makes a beginner perfect in drawing and give a platform to learn advanced techniques to the general artist

It shows the path where drawing is only the talking of these sites and followers can collect their needy information about all of drawing sensation

Drawing websites can dramatically assist you about drawing tips and tricks with all of their technical tutorials, lessons, videos, expert’s conversations, art galleries and many more

An artist can manage all of drawing techniques at home without spoil his time by running to an drawing institute

Drawing websites and blogs might meet the demand of an artist as they found it useful and necessary and trying to keep them engaged with drawing websites to learn basic and advanced drawing tutorials

Now have a look on some question and answer about your drawing query:

Am I eligible at drawing for my age?

Yes! You are eligible for any age if you have the ability to hold a pen or pencil. Age not a fact in drawing, your thinking could be a fact to figure out something. If you have an artistic eye then you are pretty good to engage yourself with drawing.

Can I learn drawing at home?

Why not! Your home I the best place to learn drawing. Just keep connection with drawing websites.

How long it needs to learn drawing?

Actually it depends up to you that how quickly you consume the basic lessons. Normally it takes three months to learn all the basics and tools about drawing and then it comes advanced tutorial. Whatever, learning has no end but you can start drawing from the day of logging a drawing website.

What waits for me in drawing websites?

Drawing websites provide you drawing tutorials, drawing lessons, drawing ideas, drawing tips and tricks, drawing news, drawing tools, examples of hand-drawn elements, creative drawing examples, drawing games, objects drawing, animal drawing, caricature drawing, cartoon drawing, comics drawing, faces and figures, human drawing, drawing for kids, nature drawing, drawing for adults, painting ideas, drawing courses, color basics and many more drawing stuff.

Drawing Websites Help Artists Greatly

Drawing Tools:

Drawing tools has many options from beginner to advance artist. To start as a beginner you need not arrange all kind of drawing tools. Just having a pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener and a white paper will allow you to art initially. But if you are an advance artist then you might need a canvas, painting brushes in many sizes, different types of pencils (HB, 2B..), ruler, geometric shapes, compass, good sharpener, paper, blending tools, charcoal and many more.


Pencils are the main tools to have done a drawing. We have denoted pencils as their gradient of graphite. Here we are putting down the gradients of graphite in a pencil. You may know that a pencil engrave by this sign “HB” or “H”. In a pencil “H” stands for Hardness and “B” stands for Soft and together the alphabet denotes the following things: Check it out!

HB= medium hard and medium soft

2B= soft to use, and it is used in preliminary shading

4B= fairly soft, It has also dark lead but used in secondary shading

6B= very soft, for deep shading you can use this dark lead

8B= this is extremely soft and its black lead has a similarity to charcoal

2H= Hard, light lead is using in outlining and light shading

4H= Very hard that is used in outlining and making graphs

Some dashing drawing websites overview:


Drawspace: ( This is a comprehensive and highly informative site that I pleased to learn from it. All sections of learners like beginner, intermediate and advanced can have a tour on this site for learning view. Here you can learn about caricature, perspectives, face and figures, color basics, shading, cartoons and other needy things about drawing.

Artgraphica: ( This site could serve you instruction in drawing that may need to buy but they are offering exercise programs what are free. How to sketch, draw, and paint lessons are given here nicely to follow. This site treated to the artist as a must to shine their talent.

Sketchup: ( You like 3D movie like Avatar? Oh ya! So now you are looking for 3D drawing! Here is solution that Google provides you free software to make 3d models. This site might meet your demand in creating 3D figures with sensitive step by step video tutorials. Instruction given here could be easily absorbed that allow you to be a creative artist in 3D world.

Howtodrawcartoonsonline: ( Those who want to learn drawing about cartoon; this site is enough for this purpose. Cartoon drawing techniques are nicely inputted here that it helps you to be an expert in cartoon drawing. The site looks so funny and you can easily navigate every segment of this site. I think you may find it as a best cartoon drawing site than any other books.

Unclefred: ( Your kids can pass hour to hours in this site as it is so funny for kids drawing. Its user friendly menu might help your kids to learn drawing easily with great amusement. All of funny characters are available here to draw by your kids.

Dueysdrawings: ( The website have featured with two main sections: drawing tutorials and a gallery section. High benefited tutorials might need you to learn all about drawing. Here waits another cool option that is known as message board from where you can discuss freely about a drawing along with share your thought to other. This might help you to learn many things about drawing. Another amazing option is available for the artist that he can know the drawing news up to date from news section.

Deviantart: ( We need inspiration in every creative work. As drawing is a creative work, we have to get inspirational comments from the successful artist. This site allows you to submit your creation and this largest online art community will appreciate and encourage your drawing. They are always inspiring you to hold pencil and paper. You need motivation? This could come to you to take the challenge to draw something and you will highly be motivated through this site.

Drawingday: ( Every person should have a first day when he gets started with drawing. How amazing it will be if you going to join a competition from this website with your first drawing? Cool idea! Yes, you have this option through this site to have a memorable day in your life with your first time drawing hand. Drawing day 2012 has gone and need to be prepared for 2013. Have cool day with your creation!

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I was born in an era where these kinds of services were not available online. We had to go to trainers or join courses that provided such services. Nowadays it has become so easy to learn anything sitting at home.

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